How does the App work?

The app lets you make international calls at very low rates

You can call in three ways:

– By connecting to our 01 national access number – this is the best option if you have inclusive monthly minutes from your mobile network operator
– Calling over Wi-Fi – great if you are travelling, are on Pay-As-You-Go or are in an area with poor mobile network coverage (you will need a good Wi-Fi connection for this option)

– Choose 3G/4G option if you don’t want to use your operator’s call allowance or if you have a large mobile data allowance from your network.

The app allows you to add credit directly from the app by calling our phone based top-up service – see below for more info on adding credit to your account.

How do I top up my App?

There are a number of easy ways to top up your White Calling app:

– Over the phone – from the app select ‘Add Credit’ from the Account screen, where a call will be initiated to our automated payment service.
Once your balance on your PIN falls below 30c, you will be prompted to top-up over the phone using a debit or credit card when you next make a call using the app.

– Online at

– In-stores nationwide wherever you see the ‘Paypoint’ logo

How will I be charged?

Once you are using the app your international calls will be charged at the rates shown in the app.
If you use the 0330 number to access the app, the cost of dialling this number may be included in your inclusive minutes on any monthly mobile phone contract and in most bundles offered by Pay As You Go providers. Please check with your provider that this is the case. The minutes you use to call using the app will then be deducted from this allowance.
If you are using Wi-Fi to access the app then you will have no other charges other than the cost of the international calls at the rate shown.

If you are using 3G/4G to access the app, please check with your provider as to whether you have data included in your package or whether this is charged for separately.
Always make sure that you are dialling your international numbers from within the app, to avoid any unwanted call costs or charges.

How does the Invite Friends & Earn work?

Just tell your friends and family about the White Calling app and earn €5 each time one of them starts using the service.

Simply select ‘Invite Friends & Earn Credit’ from the menu in the top left of the app and follow the instructions (or you can select the ‘Invite & Earn Credit’ button on an individual’s ‘Contact’ screen).

Once the invited person’s top-ups reach €10 we will add €5 to your account – it’s that simple!
You will be notified by text when we add any bonus amounts to your account.

Please note:
The above only applies to new users and in the event an individual is invited by multiple people, the bonus amount will be allocated to the individual whose invite was used when downloading the app.
There is no limit to the number of people you can invite or the amount you can earn!

Invite now and start earning!

Does the app use data or minutes to make a call?

The app needs a data connection to connect to our servers, retrieve your balance and function.

When you make a call by connecting to our 01 national  access number, the app uses minutes to make a call. This is the perfect option for inclusive minutes that you receive on your monthly mobile phone contract. This is just like a regular phone call and no data is used for the call.

If you call over Wi-Fi, the app will need a good data connection. You won’t use your phone minutes balance.

If you are using 3G/4G option you wont be using your operator’s call allowance. This is perfect if you have a large mobile data allowance from your network.

How do I add a new Card/PIN to the app?

It’s very easy to add a new card/PIN, go to the Account screen, select ‘Change Card’, then choose ‘Add new card’. You will then be able to add a PIN number and select ‘Use this PIN’. The new PIN will be added to your app and you’re ready to make calls, using the new PIN’s balance